Play casino games at home

A casino game themed dinner party night will guarantee that your guests will have a fun-filled and entertaining evening. Turn your home into a la Las Vegas for the night and play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home. Casinos are the ultimate entertainment destinations so why not bring it them to you. You can spice the night up by playing for real cash or opt for fake money, the choice is yours. Either way you’re going to have a lot of fun! Let’s take a look at some top tips to create the perfect casino night…

Casino games

Let’s start with the most important step, choosing the right casino games. If you’re not familiar with different casino games you can learn more at You need to make sure all guests are satisfied so ensure that you have a wide range of games on offer so they can choose one right for them. You’ll have to take the amount of guests into consideration beforehand and how much space you’re working with. The more people, the more games you should have on offer. Here are the top casino table games that you include in your casino night.

⦁ Roulette – this is a great game for first-time gamblers because it comes down to 100% luck. Therefore, not much knowledge or skill is required. It’s a fantastic game to have lots of fun for those not looking to take casino night too seriously. It’s also a great way to socialise because you can gather into two teams (as many people as you wish) and each bet on a different colour. This means you’ll celebrate wins together and commiserate losses. It’s all a part of the excitement and unpredictability of the game! Naturally, if there are any guests that playing casino games regularly they’ll probably stay far away from the roulette table.

Blackjack – by far the most popular casino table game. This is a great game because the rules are relatively easy to understand. You can play with 2-7 players including the dealer. We’d suggest beginner players playing together and the more experienced players together separately. This makes it fairer! Remember, you’re all friends and just trying to have some fun.

Poker – get your guests practising their poker faces whilst they play against each other for the best hand. Poker will be more suited to experienced players as the rules can be a little more difficult to understand and get a grasp of. Nonetheless, you should print off a useful rule by rule guide beforehand so guests that are keen to play can clue themselves up.

Buffet food

When people really get into the gaming zone, they won’t want to take much time out to eat. Therefore, we suggest preparing buffet, finger type foods. Such as, mini burgers, skewers, mini tarts, baby roasted stuffed peppers, cheese and crackers, potato wedges, pizza slices – you get the jist. This also allows guests to eat at their leisure inbetween games instead of having to take time out for a sit down meal.

Choose your guests wisely

The main thing is that everyones having fun and enjoying themselves throughout the evening. If you have a super competitive friend that gets a strop on when they loose at something, maybe it’s best they stay at home. Invite easygoing, vibrant, humourable guests that will lighten up the evening.

Let the casino night commence!

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