Read on to discover our top 4 game ideas for your dinner party. They are sure to keep the guests entertained.


The classic old school charades. If you don’t know this game, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But for those who don’t – it involves everyone getting into teams and a teamate getting up and acting out a word/phrase with no verbal communication used. Everyone needs to guess what word/phrase this person is acting out. Needless to say, the team that guessess it right will win a point. It’s a super fun game because it allows people to act silly and fool around as they try to act. It can give guests hours of lighthearted fun and laughter. You can either buy different versions of charades with famous people, movies, books etc or you can write out your own.

Heads up

This game is easily downloadable on any mobile device, or you can again write the cards out yourself. In this game all players must decide on a category, whether it’s movies, sports, music, history, famous actors, etc. Once choosen, one player should hold the phone or card up to their forehead. The rest of the players must describe the word shown to the player holding it. For example, if it’s something like ‘Donald Trump’ you must start describing aspects of him (that he’s a jerk!). The player holding it up must start to make guessess until they get it correct. When they get it correct, they must tilt the phone (or pick up the next card). Until the time runs out! Each player should take a turn. And yep you guessed it, the team who guessed the mostly correctly within the time limit win.

Cards Against Humanity

Make sure you’re not surrounded by any minors before bringing the Cards Agaisnt Humanity cards out. They contain highly innappriorate words and phrases so it should be adults playing only. There are a total of 550 cards in a game so you can play with lots of players. Each player will recieve 5 cards to start the game with. Players will go around in circles choosing a statement card and reading it out, for example ‘I got 99 problems but …. isn’t one’. The other players will choose what they deem the best answer from their deck of cards and place it face down on the table. The player reading will read the statement and all answers aloud. Usually, the card that gets the most laughs (or gasps) wins. But the final decision is down to the statement reader. Whoever put the winning answer in will get this card back to place into a pile. At the end of the game these piles will be counted and whoever has the most wins. It’s offensive, rude and quite often potically incorrect, but that’s all part of the fun.

Quiz or Trivial Pursuit

The brainiacs love this one. It gives people a chance to show off their knowledge on a whole range of topics. If you don’t have Trivial Pursuit the game, you can host your own quiz! For the people who don’t have great general knowledge, you need to be tactical and choose the categories you know best. Usually, the categories are Geography, History, Literature, Science, Sports, Nature, Music, Entertainment, Art and Leisure. And there is a total of 2,400 questions! So you won’t run out for a long time. Trivial Pursuit is a board game with 6 coloured tokens. Each team or player will roll the dice and move the number of spaces indicated on the board. Someone will pick a card out of your category and there will be 6 colour code questions. They will ask you the question next to the colour that you landed on. If you get it right, you keep moving. The first team to reach the end wins! You can decide.

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